This illustration suggests a position for your hands when your back is to the judge's panel. Your silhouette is just as important when you have turned away from the judges as when you are facing them. The "thumb in palm" hand position is relaxed and graceful and places the hands in an appropriate place to accent a pretty view of the back. The arms are "resting" comfortably on the hip bone with the one hand placed casually in the other (palms are facing up). This position smooths out the back by eliminating the possibility of shoulder blade "wings".


Be sure hands are never placed above or at the waist line. Keep the fingers soft and supple (avoiding "pointed" fingers or stiff military hands). Never twist your head over your shoulder to look back at the judges. Any position that places strain on the body will look stilted and uncomfortable and will throw your spine out of alignment. Show just enough of the face to add interest to the pose.


Do not use affected poses when modeling. Remember, the judges are looking for someone with natural poise to represent the pageant. Exaggerated arm positions, hand motions, and poses detract from your overall appearance. Never lift the hands and arms above the waistline. Always keep your feet in a basic foot position when in a pose and avoid arm positions when facing judge.