TM Music will be used for all Solo, Strut, Parades, Dance Twirl Solo, Men’s Master, TM Challenge events and Finals. Download:
• Basic & Military: March music

All Teams & Corps, Freestyle/Rhythmic, FS Pairs, TMG, Showcase, Collegiate & HS Classic, Teams / Corps, and Auxiliaries will use athletes or teams OWN music.

Coaches / Athletes / Parents
Each piece of music in MP3 format will be uploaded to your Online entry. No exceptions. In order for your entry to be considered complete, no music changes are acceptable.
You should also bring a back up CD or Ipod queued to the beginning.
Labeled with Name or Team Name, Title of Music and Event.


All Modeling / Best Appearing, Solo, Strut, Men's Masters,  Parades,

 Dance Twirl Solo, & Pee Wee Show events will use Twirl Mania Music

To download any music link, right click and save link as


Twirl Maniac Challenge

DanceTwirl Solorl

Dance Twirl Solo Music for the Twirl "Maniac" Challenge ~ 1:20 Minutes

DOWNLOAD DanceTwirl Music


 A variety of slow favorites


 Popular fast, fun music to keep the adrenaline flowing and the excitement building


 128‑136 bpm LIKE any standard march music ~

~Easy for athletes to hear the beat as it's something they enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Strut Music

Dance Twirl


 Great for choreographing routines  ~ pieces from Mama Mia & Bond

DOWNLOAD Novice / Beginner Music  

DOWNLOAD Intermediate / Advance / Elite Music

DOWNLOAD Men's Masters Music

To listen left click  ~  Save  (right click & save target or link as)


 A fun, energetic Disney piece with the same standard 128-136 bpm tempo.

                                DOWNLOAD Parade Music o listen left click   ~  Save (right click & save target or link as)      

Pee Wee Show



Tweenie Show


                DOWNLOAD Pee Wee Mickey Mouse Club Music 


To listen left click   ~  Save (right click & save target or link as)




Basic & Military 

Standard March Music

ALL Freestyle, FS Pairs, TMG (Artistic Program), Showcase, 

Collegiate  & High School Classic, Teams / Corps, and Auxiliaries will use their OWN MUSIC.


BACK UP: Please have a SEPARATE CD for each piece of music and queued to the beginning or MP3.


  • Please label each CD:   Athlete's Name or Team Name, Event & Age Group, Music Name, and Coach

  • Remember to bring a back up copy!  

  • Important:  Use quality recording for your music to insure quality sound during your performance. 

  • Coaches/athletes may bring their CD's to MC for music test 30 minutes prior to event. 


  COPY     & BACK UP COPY    OR    

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